Available Equipment

Waggs Petroleum is fully equipped to meet all your storage, pumping, transportation, remediation and emergency needs.

Our equipment includes:

  • A 2018 industrial vacuum truck for tank cleanouts, liquid cleanups, spill management, etc.
  • Ministry of Environment licensed portable groundwater treatment system, for emergency spill response and site remediation
  • A dedicated cube van fully equipped for emergency spill response
  • Service vans, pickup trucks, construction cube vans, backhoe, mini excavator, skid steer loader, AWD forklift, equipment float trailers, equipment cargo trailers, ground thaw unit, construction heaters, high capacity portable steamer, 45 kw 3 phase portable generator, 6 kw construction generators
  • We have a stock of fuel pumps, dewatering pumps, etc. in both new and used condition
  • We keep an inventory of equipment for temporary storage and pumping

We are prepared to offer emergency responses to spills, and to provide seamless reconstruction and temporary storage and pumping facilities.